IBM Think 2019 – Day 3 recap…

Today was not sooo busy like yesterday but also had great informations prepared.

For the first session I attended the “The Anatomy of a Privileged Account Hack” and I was impressed about the way this can be executed. Joseph Carson explained in a very easy way how an account hack runs. It always runs in multiple phases with very different ways of getting informations and access to systems.

In this session Joseph showed a real scenario he was working on – and he also showed what was the problem of the customer in the end:

We all received a free book “Privileged Account Management” which gives very good informations how to protect yourself. There’s also a free download available here.

Afterwards a great session of Christoph Adler and Ben Menesi took place where the great new features of IBM Domino V10 have been presented like

  • Extension of some limits like database size from 64gb to 256gb
  • Advantages of the new ODS53
  • Deletion Logging for databases
  • Cluster Symmetry
  • Great improvements for the regular replication
  • Automatically synchronization and monitoring of the ID vault

The next session was performed by Thomas Hampel and Barry Rosen where the new Domino Mobile Apps ( DMA ) has been presented. With DMAyou are able to access all of your Domino applications on the iPad. We already got the information that an additional announcement about DMA will be delivered tomorrow – I’m very excited about it…

After some meetings the last updates for Verse on Premises and also a look to 1.0.7 were delivered by Drew Birnbaum and Barry Rosen. Take a look what’s coming in the new version:

As last session Bill Malchisky shared his tremendous knowledge about “Prepping for Domino V10” where a lot of useful informations about running Domino on Docker was shared. Bill shared very helpful hints about Linux for running either Domino within or out of a Docker container.

Another great day is finished and the tiredness is increasing due the lot of informations gathering all day long. Tomorrow will be a very interesting session right in the morning where – hopefully – all planned features and extensions of Notes/Domino V11 will be announced.

So stay tuned and follow the blog if you’re interested.

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