Ephox Textbox.io 2.2 delivers the latest rich text editing capabilities for IBM Connections

Ephox Textbox.io 2.2 provides the latest rich text editing capabilities seamlessly integrated into IBM Connections™. Robust and reliable performance across browser platforms and devices sets Ephox Textbox.io apart from other editors. Ephox Textbox.io 2.2 is available for new users of Connections V5.5 and V6.0 as well as users who have active subscriptions.

Features of TextBox.io 2.2

  • Rich content embedding when a URL is typed or pasted on a blank line. Links to rich content are replaced with embedded content when using the new Link Embed option in Textbox.io SDK with functionality preserved. Supported media:
    • Social media and other sharable content (for example, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr).
    • Image URLs for JGP, PNG, and GIF files are converted to images.
    • Video URLs for MP4 files are converted to videos.
    • Other content links shown as a summary card.
  • Nested tables are now supported.
  • Table cells can now be split into columns or rows.
  • Multiple columns or rows can be deleted at the same time.
  • Tab and shift tab can now be used to adjust list indent.
  • Improved reliability of image resize operations, and interaction with images during upload.
  • Insert Link dialog with a dropdown arrow for better discovery of document target options.
  • Link text can now be updated in the edit link dialog.
  • Information about links that failed validation is now shown on the edit link dialog.
  • Improved performance for large documents in code view.

Ephox EditLive! 2.5.1, 2.5.3, 2.5.4, and 9.11 will no longer be supported after June 27, 2018, for Connections users. Connection users can use Ephox Textbox.io as the rich text editor.

Ephox Textbox.io 2.2 can be downloaded from IBM® Fix Central. It is available to users of Connections with active subscriptions

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