IBM Verse on premise is available in the SW catalog

As promised from IBM some weeks ago, IBM Verse on prem is available in the Partnerworld Software Catalog ( ).

Then you can either search for “IBM Verse” or you search for part number CJ13YML.

Enjoy the download !!


  1. Read the installation instructions. There is a specific requirement for Folder references, and a command is given to enable them. The error is between the keyboard and the screen…


  2. I've got one without Connection and another with 5.5 CR on-prem. Need to upgrade it to 5.5 CR1 as well.

    As for the “Apps” (Callendar, Contacts etc.) I too wish they would have done a major upgrade of the look and feel to fit the Verse UI.

    It's certainly long overdue.


  3. The same, everything is working fine but I did see some errors (sequoia something) in the console. We don't have Connections on-premise, so it's really good that VOP is not throwing error messages about it, it's just some features don't work which is ok.
    The downsides I see are old calendar and contacts. Wish they have done a better job.


  4. Anyway. It is not working after installation.

    Many errors. For example trying to load something from sequoia/IBM some kind of dev server

    also there is an error:

    cursoryCheckIsDbProbablyReady for notes://acme@acme_235425626.nsf?OpenDatabase failed on: FolderReference not enabled


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