IBM Notes and Domino V9.0.1 adds IBM Client Application Access and Macintosh 64-bit processor support for IBM Notes

IBM® Notes® now runs on Macintosh 64-bit processors using Mac OS X operating systems, performance and memory capabilities inherent with Macintosh 64-bit processors.

IBM Client Application Access offers a lightweight solution for accessing your Notes and IBM Domino® applications. IBM Client Application Access delivers the following benefits:

  • Allows users to access IBM Domino applications without using the full Notes client.
  • Lowers resource consumption.
  • Enables you to work with your existing Notes and Domino applications unmodified.
  • Requires no retraining for users and saves your organization from costs associated with rewriting existing applications.
  • Offers a simple, quicker installation and setup at less than 80 MB.
  • Enables support for launching mail and forwarding documents using IBM iNotes®
  • Supports Microsoft™ Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Mac OS X.
  • Uses system-installed Java™ Virtual Machine (JVM) when needed for applications.

 The full announcement can be found here

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