Hide informations about private meetings from the Domino Resource Database

Thanks to Chris Miller for posting this very helpful information on SocialBiz.Org.

Private meeting information is showing up in the calendar entry in the Rooms and Resource database. Is there a way to prevent meetings that are marked as Private to not have the information show up in the Rooms and Resources database?

Unfortunately this is a known issue. The great news is there is a solution for this problem.  IBM has had a recommendation since 7.0.3 to place a server side notes.ini variable to place a new descriptor in the database so as to not show any potential private data from entries marked Private.


This .ini setting causes any new “Private” entry to display in the R&R database as:
[** Private entry. The description is not available for display. **]

The subject of the reservation will stay private in the R&R database even when using the document’s Properties dialog box to view the Subject field. The chair can see the Subject in the mail file entry.

The downside to this setting is that older entries already in the database are no affected. They will still show the private subject data. You could reset all private entries to public and redo them or just delete and make new private entries to have the RnR database update.

You should plan a time to restart the entire server for this change to take place. At least that is the recommendation of IBM. You could try restarting just the RnR task but there is no documentation that shows that will work successfully.


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