IBM Notes Traveler available

IBM released a new version of IBM Notes Traveler for Android devices. The following new features are available:

Calendar improvements for Android clients

Local calendar information displays in IBM Notes Traveler calendar
You can now add the information from your local device calendars into your IBM Notes Calendar view. For more information, refer to Customizing your Android device.
Create calendar events from mail messages
You can now create a calendar event while viewing mail, using the overflow menu. Calendar events created from mail messages will form with the invitees populated with the message recipients, and the event details information pre-filled with the content of the mail.

Interface improvements for Android clients

Action bar
The action bar is a mobile feature that identifies your location within IBM Notes Traveler, as well as provides action icons and navigation modes. 

Navigation drawer for mail
The navigation drawer is a panel that slides in from the left of the screen to display IBM Notes Traveler’s main navigation options. For mail, the navigation drawer displays your user account and mail folders (inbox, outbox, sent, and personal). The navigation drawer is only available from the parent list view of a mail folder.

Android Contacts application
IBM Notes Traveler on Android now provides its own dedicated Contacts application, rather than utilizing the device Contacts application.

New mail item list layout with thumbnail photos
The mail item list has been redesigned to make it easier to consume the sender, subject, and message body where applicable. If the screen is wide enough, a person thumbnail image displays using the sender’s mail address to search for available photos, either from local contacts, IBM Notes Traveler contacts, or from the new Sametime Integration feature.

New mail list selection mode
A new selection mode overlays a ‘Contextual Action Bar’ over the existing action bar, showing the number of selected items. It also provides batch operations on the selected items, such as: Move to Folder, Discard, Mark as Read, or Mark as Unread. Only the actions which are applicable to all selected items displays.

Gesture actions for mail and contacts
To quickly act on mail items in a list or take action on a contact, you can now swipe the item from right to left to display a list of action buttons without having to open the mail or contact itself. Available on phones with Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) and above.

Add to Contacts from mail
When viewing a mail item, you can now add the sender to your contacts.

Mail list person actions
You can now tap a user photo from a mail message and see a list of possible actions to take with that person. The actions available depend on the information available for the person. If there is a mail address associated with the person, you can perform the following actions:

  • View the person’s IBM Connections Profile (only if IBM Connections mobile is installed)
  • Chat with the person (only if IBM Sametime mobile chat is installed and connected)
  • Mail the person (opens the Android mail selection dialog).

     If there is at least one phone number associated with the person, and your device is
      a phone, you can also call and text the person directly. These options are only
     available where a person photo displays: mail, calendar and contacts.

Integration with Sametime
You can now tap the Sender’s photo in the mail list or the mail details page to open a list of available Sametime actions. These actions include Chat, View business card, and Mail. Additional actions may include View IBM Connections profile (if IBM Connections mobile is installed) and Call (if you have the sender’s contact information includes a phone number). Use of this functionality requires the following:

  • Sametime Mobile Chat client for Android installed on the device from the Google PlayStore (or the most recent version received from IBM)
  • Sametime Mobile Chat client configured to connect to a Sametime Proxy Server, which is connected to a Sametime back end that shares a user directory (LDAP/Domino) with the Domino Mail and IBM Notes Traveler servers. This allows IBM Notes Traveler for Android devices to send a mail address to the Sametime Mobile chat client for lookup and name resolution. If the Sametime Mobile Chat client is unable to find a match for a the mail address, Sametime integration will not be available for that mail message. This is the same logic as used in the IBM Notes Inbox awareness feature.

Reply state information
When mail is replied to or forwarded, the reply state information is now synced to an Android device and shown in both the mail list and mail details view. A left pointing arrow indicates the mail was replied to. A right pointing arrow indicates it was forwarded. A double headed arrow indicates both replied and forwarded.

I already upgraded the client and it looks great !!!


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