IBM Notes and Domino V9.0.1 adds new social software capabilities

IBM® Notes® and Domino® brings together business messaging, applications, and social collaboration. It delivers social capabilities whenever and wherever users are working at the moment, whether it be on their desktop, browser, or mobile device, with a single point of access to business applications, social networks, email, calendars, feeds, widgets.

IBM Notes and Domino V9.0.1 now includes social capabilities from IBM Connections V5.0. With IBM Notes V9.0.1, you can quickly locate the people and content you need through integrated access to social tools from IBM Connections.

IBM Notes and Domino customers continue to receive the entitlement to the Files and Profiles features of IBM Connections with the licenses below. The entitlement lets IBM Notes and Domino customers deploy and access the Files and Profiles features of IBM Connections through all clients, browsers, and mobile devices, at no additional charge.

    IBM Domino Enterprise Client access license
    IBM Domino Messaging Client access license
    IBM Domino Collaboration Express® License
    IBM Domino Messaging Express license

The updated IBM Connections V5.0 entitlement allows users to tap into the knowledge of networks of professionals with a single click. The Files feature helps users quickly find skills within their organization and to easily share content with other people and removes the need to send large files through email.

Users can socialize content you create, allowing people to easily find it, make recommendations, and share with other people.

The Profiles feature helps users find the people they need by searching across the organization’s content using tags to identify expertise, current projects, and responsibilities and socializes skills, interests, and organizational structure for others to discover and benefit from the information.

The limited entitlement to IBM Connections V5.0 restricts its use to only the Files and Profiles features. IBM Notes and Domino users are not permitted to use the new External Users capabilities of IBM Connections V5.0. This capability requires use of the IBM Connections HomePage, which is not part of the limited IBM Connections entitlement for users of IBM Notes and Domino.

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