Features coming to IBM Connections 5

On today’s presentation from Luis Benitez @SocialConnections in Prague the following features have been shown:

  • Multiple file upload in Media Galleries
  • Directly save documents from Windows Apps to IC ( via FileSync) 
  • FileSync on Windows Desktops
    • On the blog of Luis Benitez there´s a very impressive description of this enhanced feature
  • CCM Integration in Windows Connector
  • New and compressed User Interface
  • Connector for Mac OSX coming in IC5 CR1
  • File Preview for almost every File Type
  • Customizable start page in Communities ( eg Wikis) 
  • Display Folders in Sidebar in Communities 
  • Integration of external people in Communities and Files without any licensing!! 
  • Share files with external people
  • CKEditor has been upgraded to 4.4!!

CCM enhancements coming later in 2014
  • Folder ACL
    • Who can access / edit a folder
  • IBM Docs integration in CCM
  • CCM integration for MS Office

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