SSL Stash-File for Domino and Linux

After moving an IBM Domino Server from Windows 2003 to Cent OS 6.4 ( I know, it´s officially not supported ) there was a strange issue about the HTTP server.

The HTTP server could not raise up for SSL connections. The investigation with the NOTES.INI entry SSL_TRACE_KEYFILEREAD=1showed, that the password for the KYR file could not be read from the stash file.

So i double checked all the entries in the server document, on the file system, … and found out that I hate Windows ( regarding the uppercase/lowercase issue – it´s the only OS, which ignores this !!! )

I had to modify the name of the KYR file in the server document…

But afterwards HTTPS still could not be activated. The solution was to rename the file of the stash file to the same name of the KYR file !!!

In my case it was:

After copying the TRAVkeyring.sth to TRAVKeyring.sth HTTPS could be established successfully.

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