CIO: Choosing IBM Connections over Microsoft SharePoint was a No Brainer!

Source: The Nielsen Chronicle

In this article Tom DeClerk, CIO of Superior Group, tells us, why choosing IBM Connections was the better

decision against Microsoft Sharepoint.

Thanks a lot to Arne Sigurd Rognan Nielson for publishing this great story.

Reduced use of email. Improved productivity. Better and faster collaboration. That was the result when Superior Group implemented an internal social collaboration platform! To Superior Group choosing IBM Connections over Microsoft SharePoint was a no brainer!

The company’s CIO, Tom DeClerk, came from a Microsoft environment where he worked heavily with Microsoft SharePoint when he joined Superior Group three years ago. Since then they have implemented three new important systems in the company; SAP, IBM Connections and IBM Cognos.
Superior Group is a staffing company situated in Baltimore, but with many offices spread around. They did some analysis on their employees work situation and interviewed a group of their staff. What they found was that they needed a way to communicate and collaborate better between their geographical spread offices. Employees in other cities than Baltimore needed to feel they were part of the bigger whole.
They researched the market for IT solutions that could help solving these problems. So Superior Group looked at Microsoft Sharepoint, but found that IBM Connections was a better choice because, as opposed to SharePoint,  it had the functionalities, the look and the feel of LinkedIn, Twitter and social media. This gave them the tools to reach out to employees at locations outside Baltimore.
According to Tom DeClerk the outcome have been extremely successful. But they also have had a good adoption strategy. Implementing it is an IT thing, but most of all you have to focus on the adoption and get people to use the solution.
In this video interview he is talking about how he succeeds in managing that many IT projects in parallel and admits that the SAP project was by far the most complicated.

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