IBM launches the Domino Tech School

Regarding to today´s blog entry on the Collaboration Solutions Blog you can attend 3 free webinars in January 2019 for the following topics:

Domino Query Language ( DQL ) / January 24th

One of the most impressive new features introduced in Domino V10 is Domino Query Language (DQL). DQL is available to Node.js, LotusScript, and Java developers, and we’re here to help you get started. Take full advantage of this new way to develop Domino applications, and learn when and how to best use it. Join us for a technical session that dives deep into this great addition to the Domino platform.

Upgrading to Domino V10 – Best practices / February 7th

Are you looking to deploy Domino V10 but don’t know where to start? Upgrade servers or clients first? Should I upgrade the ODS? If you have questions like these, this session is for you. Get a complete understanding of the process to upgrade to Domino V10, and learn from best practices and tips from the field.

API Crash Course for LotusScript Developers / February 24th

Over the past years, there has been an increase in platforms and solutions that make their offerings available through APIs, giving rise to the notion of the “API economy.” These APIs range from simple requests like weather forecasts and language translation, to more involved services such as image recognition, mail and calendaring, and other business-related requirements. With the release of Domino V10, Notes applications can now consume Web APIs using LotusScript.

This session gives you a crash course in how to integrate with various services using LotusScript. From sending, receiving and processing JSON data, understanding important aspects of HTTP requests, to reading and testing API specifications using tools like Postman — it’s easier than you think and the possibilities are endless.


You can register for those webinars on the IBM Collaboration Solutions webinar hub.

HCL Technologies to Acquire Select IBM Software Products for $1.8B

Wow, what a great announcement today in the early morning:

In this “Buy-Out” the following solutions are included:

  • Appscan for secure application development
  • BigFix for secure device management
  • Unica (on-premise) for marketing automation
  • Commerce (on-premise) for omni-channel eCommerce
  • Portal (on-premise) for digital experience
  • Notes & Domino for email and low-code rapid application development
  • Connections for workstream collaboration

With this announcement and looking back, which development the Notes/Domino channel took in the last 8 months under the patronage of HCL, we can be sure that HCL is going to develop the mentioned solutions in a great way !!!

Keep on rolling, Richard Jefts and the whole team …

IBM Cloud Private V3.1 offers IBM Cloud Cost and Asset Management for private and public cloud environments

IBM Cloud™ Cost and Asset Management is a plug-and-play solution that is purpose-built to help you discover, track, analyze, and optimize your cloud spend across all cloud providers and operating models. With IBM Cloud Cost and Asset Management, you can:

  • Aggregate and visualize your cloud asset inventory across all cloud services
  • Obtain a near real-time view to control your cloud costs
  • Make sure your cloud assets are optimized for your needs
  • Enable compliance and governance on your cloud asset usage

IBM Cloud Private V3.1 offers IBM Cloud Cost and Asset Management for both private and public cloud environments:

  • IBM Cloud Cost and Asset Management for Private Cloud. This solution imports system information and rate cards to establish insights around system utilization costs. These insights enable intelligent decisions on resource utilization and incurred costs.
  • IBM Cloud Cost and Asset Management for Public Cloud. This solution gathers public provider billing data and delivers insights for system utilization total cost. These insights enable intelligent decisions when choosing the right providers, shutting down unused resources, and optimizing cost of right infrastructure stacks for applications.

The IBM Cloud Cost and Asset Management solution is designed to deploy easily on IBM Cloud Private and can be accessed from the catalog.

New add-on part for Box offerings from IBM

IBM® is adding a new add-on part called Box Multizone to its Box offerings. It enables the enterprise and its users to store data in and collaborate across multiple regions of choice to address data residency, privacy, and protection concerns, all from a single Box instance. It helps to reduce risk by proactively addressing compliance requirements, such as GPDR. It also enables you to:

  • Maintain control where all content resides with the capability to set a policy on a granular level for each user
  • Get insight and transparency through on-demand reporting of storage policies by user

At the time of configuration, the user can select up to six zones, with one zone as a default zone. Box Multizone is currently available only with Box Enterprise.

Read the full announcement here.