Domino V11 Virtual Jam

If you haven’t been able to be part of one of the great Domino V11 Jam´s held by HCL and IBM you can register for the Virtual Jam on January 30th 3PM here:–XV7ZncXTzyVKr8XMiX2siDJYCygpJJzA2%26

Be part of the community and share your ideas !!

New license options for IBM Domino Applications on Cloud ( DAC )

Yesterday IBM published a new Software announcement including new options about licensing IBM Domino Applications on Cloud.

The complete announcement can be accessed here.

Overview of the announcement:

IBM® Domino® Applications on Cloud is a subscription-based service that offers an IBM-hosted solution for Domino Applications on IBM Cloud™. The service offers robust performance and high availability for mission-critical applications. The solution is offered as a managed service and can help reduce the cost, complexity, and risk of managing your own infrastructure.

Benefits of IBM Domino Applications on Cloud:

  • Improved economics. Reduce capital expenditure that is related to hardware, hardware maintenance, and hardware refreshes; and further reduce operating expenses that are related to internal resource costs and costs related to system down time.
  • Re-deploy skills on new growth initiatives. With the managed cloud infrastructure, your organization can worry less about in-house infrastructure maintenance, thereby freeing up skills and resources to drive new growth initiatives.
  • Improved agility. Your business benefits from the flexibility and scalability offered by IBM cloud infrastructure and the pay-as-you-go pricing model that can grow and shrink according to your needs.

Domino Applications on Cloud enhanced capabilities include two new Non-BYOL (Bring Your Own License) subscription editions along with add-ons such as development or replica environment, additional storage, and two labor service editions to help your organization migrate to the cloud.

New services include:

  • An Entry edition that no longer requires clients to carry a requisite on-premises license entitlement. This edition is designed for smaller application needs.
  • A Standard edition that no longer requires clients to carry a requisite on-premises license entitlement. This edition can grow to larger enterprise requirements. The Standard edition also provides the following optional add-ons:
    • Replica application instances for clustering needs
    • Development application instance
    • Additional storage for an application instance

Labor services:

  • Cloud Migration Advisory Services engagement provides expert guidance to accelerate the client’s environment move to Domino Applications on Cloud (DAC).
  • Cloud Migration Fast Track Services engagement provides access to IBM experts who can help clients analyze, remediate, and move up to 10 Domino applications to their Domino Applications on Cloud (DAC) environment.

IBM Domino V10 – New features

2018-06-27 13_32_56-

At the DNUG45 a great overview of new features coming in Domino V10 and also a sneak preview of features coming in Domino V11 was given by HCL.

You can download the presentation here.

There are great enhancements about Clustering, SAML authentication and also enlargement of some limits.

IBM Notes/Domino V10 Beta 1 started

Today IBM announced the next step in our journey: the IBM Domino V10 Portfolio Beta program. The beta program will be rolled out in two phases:

Beta 1: We will form an initial group of beta participants, based on the submissions received and then qualify and approve for beta program enrollment. Beta 1 will begin on June 25th, 2018.

What can be tested in Beta 1:

– Domino (Windows)
– Notes client (Windows)
– Notes, Designer & Admin clients (Windows)

This beta is English-only.

Beta 2: We will extend the initial group of Beta 1 participants as we get further along in the development cycle for Domino V10, by including additional participants at the Beta 2 stage. We expect the Beta 2 phase to begin the second half of July 2018.  Submissions received up to July 15th, for those not included in the Beta 1 group, will be considered for inclusion in the Beta 2 phase.

 What can be tested in Beta 2:

– Domino (Windows and Linux)
– Notes client (Windows and Apple Mac)
– Notes, Designer & Admin clients (Windows)
– Verse on Premises (Windows and Linux)
– DominoDB NPM package for 

The goal of the IBM Domino V10 Portfolio Beta Program is for the community of beta participants to conduct honest, constructive and thoughtful review and testing of the Domino V10 beta software, which includes IBM Domino V10, IBM Notes V10, IBM Sametime V10 and IBM Verse On-Premises V10.

We’re seeking people who meet the following criteria:    

– A business end user, administrator, or developer, who has prior knowledge of Domino, Notes, and Verse.
– Those who bring diverse (role/industry/geography/company size) attributes to the beta team and, thus, ensure we get the right blend of input perspectives.

IBM is looking for participants to:

– Share their use case for the beta in their company.
– Engage in a dialog about Domino V10 and provide timely feedback.
– Be constructive and professional in all written/spoken interaction with program members, IBM and HCL.
– Attend the web conferences and meetings pertaining to the beta program.
– Experience the beta in a non-production environment.
– Be open to the idea of becoming a reference for IBM Domino V10.