HCL Nomad Web 1.0.5 is available

HCL released the latest version of HCL Nomad Web with the following new features:

  • Domino Restyle
    • Domino Restyle updates an application’s UI elements with a color-coordinated, cleaner look and feel. With Restyle, only UI elements are updated; no code is modified. To access the Restyle option, select File > Application > Restyle for a selected application or workspace icon. Designer access to the application is required to use Restyle.
    • For more information, see Domino Restyle for Notes applications in the Notes documentation.
    • Note: Restyle is available initially only in English; therefore, the browser language must be set to English for Restyle to appear.
  • Nomad server on Domino
    • HCL Nomad server on Domino is an alternative for HCL Nomad clients to communicate with the HCL Domino servers. Using the HCL SafeLinx Nomad proxy server (previously required) is now optional. For more information, see Nomad server on Domino in the Nomad Administrator documentation.
    • Note: Either HCL Nomad server on Domino or HCL SafeLinx is still required for HCL Nomad clients communicating via WSS (WebSocket Secure). For more information, see System requirements.
  • Redesigned Group Tabs
    • Tabs associated with databases and documents in those databases have been redesigned. This includes grouping tabs per database and updated appearance of tab components.
  • panagenda MarvelClient Nomad Roaming
    • Nomad Roaming allows users to maintain a consistent workspace across your HCL Nomad clients. Workspace backups can be stored in a central Analyze database on the Domino server, restored every time a Nomad client starts, and can sync two Nomad clients as they are running. For more information, see panagenda’s Nomad documentation.
  • Nomad handling of notes:// links

You can download HCL Nomad Web 1.0.5 on the FlexNet Site.

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