HCL Domino Volt 1.0.3 available

On April 27th HCL released the new version of HCL Domino Volt with the following enhancements:

  • HCL Volt 1.0.3 supports the use of HCL Link. Link provides a platform for data and application integration
  • Users can add a button or link that navigates to different forms, app pages, Volt applications, or web URLs. For more information, see Adding a navigation property to a button or link.
  • App pages are added to the Volt application author’s toolset.
  • App Pages provide a free-form app building canvas, and allow authors to build anything from simple welcome pages to complex dashboards. App pages differ from Forms, which provide a canvas that specifically defines an interface to collect and store data with a built-in function to submit a record and move it through workflow stages.

Also for administrators there´s an enhancement: HCL Domino Volt can be configured for HA via a proxy – take a look at this article to see how.

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