Enforcing the HCL Notes V11 Theme

Yesterday a customer complained that the users still see the Notes V8 theme after upgrading to HCL Notes 11.0.1.x. The users had to remove the Desktop Settings from the Policy View. You can see the settings pushed to your client by opening your local NAMES.NSF and switch over to the hidden view “($Policies)”:

Press STRG-Shift and afterwards select the following menu:

Afterwards you select the hidden view ($Policies):

There you can remove the settings pushed to your Notes Client.

We then modified the Desktop Settings in the Domino Directory not to push out the following parameter:

WED_THEME_PREFERENCE=com.ibm.notes.branding.theme; com.ibm.rcp.ui

We modified this managed settings and set it to blank and afterwards we added the following entry to the Desktop Setting to be published to the NOTES.INI ( thanks to HCL Support for this undementioned parameter ):


We’ll check if this helps but I’m very confident.

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