ICXT customers preparation before Connections 7.0 eGA

We received the following information regarding the “Export as PDF” function in HCL Connections 7.x:

We are reaching out to our customers who have deployed ICXT to make sure you are aware of the special instructions that you should follow as part of your Connections 7.0 upgrade. 

Connections 7.0 delivers enhancements to the Export to PDF capability and introduces new capabilities, such as community templates, that will require upgrading your ICXT deployment.  Please also note that you should not install the Feature Foundation component during your Connections 7 install, as that is only for customers who do not already have ICXT.  Please see below for the detailed instructions on upgrading to Connections 7.0.

  1. Open a support ticket (https://support.hcltech.com/csm) to request the download package of ICXT 7.0.  This is only for customers who already have ICXT installed in their environment.
  2. Upgrade your existing ICXT deployment to the 7.0 version following the usual instructions (https://help.hcltechsw.com/connections/api/icxt/install-guide-preparations.html).  (Note: You can upgrade ICXT before or after upgrading the Connections environment to 7.0)
  3. Upgrade Connections to 7.0, following the upgrade documentation (https://help.hcltechsw.com/connections/v7/admin/install/c_installing.html).  Keep in mind that the Connections v7.0 Product Documentation website will be accessible on the day Connections 7.0 is released.  Pay special attention to unchecking the box for Feature Foundation during the installation.  Since you already have ICXT in your environment, you do not need this function installed a second time from Connections.

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