HCL Digital Week – HCL Volt MX

During HCL Digital Week a new Development Platform was presented – it was the World Premiere of

held by Richard and Andrew. But what is “HCL Volt MX” ??

HCL Volt MX is an Industry-leading low-code platform
for delivering apps across multiple digital touch points
( browsers, mobile phones, smartwatches, .. )
with one platform !

Also the goal of HCL and the planned roadmap of HCL Volt MX has been clearly commented by Richard:

Jason showed what HCL Volt MX can be used for – take a look through the slides to see the continuous method for an application built by HCL Volt MX:

But take a look what makes HCL Volt MX so unique for future application development:

Especially the “Foundry” is important for connecting Backend Systems like SAP to your applications developed with HCL Volt MX.

HCL also is offering a free Trial of HCL Volt MX > just order yours here !

A very, very great applause to the complete
HCL Digital Solutions Team for sharing this information, developing the future and
listening to your HCL Partners, HCL Ambassadors, Customers and the market !

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