IBM Watson Workspace – Download Tool

With the withdrawal of IBM Watson Workspace and the stop of the service on February 28th 2019 a tool for downloading all your content has been deployed by IBM. You can access this tool here:

Excerpt of the description:
This export tool will download all Watson Workspace spaces, direct messages, and files for spaces you are a member of.
Message files are exported to
<User Home>/Watson Workspace Export/SPACE/SpaceName SpaceID/Year.Month messages.html (and corresponding csv files)
For example:
/Users/jon/Watson Workspace Export/SPACE/Partner Enablement 9bccb380e4c05df4975048ce/2019.1 messages.html
Files are downloaded to a sub-directory within each space.
UPDATE: This only works when you Drag and Drop the downloaded token into the window of the Download Tool