IBM Notes/Domino/Traveler/… 10.0.1 available

As promised last week during the Domino V11 Jam in Vienna the new version of the most powerful Collaboration solution is ready for download. There have been great enhancements and it´s a FULL release including:

  • IBM Domino 10.0.1
  • IBM Domino Designer 10.0.1
  • IBM Notes 10.0.1
  • IBM Traveler 10.0.1
  • IBM XWork Server 10.0.1
  • IBM Mail Add-in (IMSMO Client)
  • IBM Client Application Access 2.0.1
  • IBM Domino AppDev Pack 1.0
  • IBM Verse On-Premises V1.0.6
  • IBM Domino Community Server Non-Production
  • IBM Notes Community Client Non-Production

And the promised feature for Verse on premises ( import of iCal ) is also available !!

Read the official announcement here:

I’m already downloading 😉


  1. Hello Rainer

    I can not find 10.0.1 in PA at the moment, i only get 10.0 parts.
    Can you give us the part numbers of Domino/Notes/Designer?

    Thank you.


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