engage.ug 2018 – personal summary

Theo Heselmans and his team again organized a great event in Rotterdam at the SS Rotterdam with a lot of news – especially for IBM Notes, IBM Domino and also IBM Sametime.

HCL presented almost all features coming in IBM Notes V10, we have been waiting for years. Just one feature is missing ( or I did not see/hear that ):

Calendar entries >> 24 hours

It would be great, if Richard Jefts and his team would deliver this feature. But a lot of great features are going to Notes/Domino V10:

  • Node.js fully integrated in IBM Domino V10
  • Database limit enhanced to 256GB
  • Support for unlimited documents in folders
  • Great enhancements in Domino Cluster Administration
    • Cluster configuration document, where you configure the files and directories, which have to be clustered
  • Forwarding multiple mails in ONE EML-file including attachments, format, …
  • Timed Mail Delivery
  • Mail policy checks BEFORE the mail is sent to the server
  • A new “Team Calender”, which also can be used as Team Mailbox with the capability to overlay this Team Calendar over your personal one
  • Forwarding meeting invitations to other persons
  • Extending the in the Notes Client included “Sametime Limited Use” license
    • with Sametime V10 also the Sametime Proxy Server will be included for using Sametime on mobile devices
  • Persistant Chat
    • multiple Logons from multiple devices allow chat without being interrupted ( for example when you leave the office )
  • Automatic update of IBM Notes, ICAA ( prereq is IBM Notes 9.0.1 FP10 )
  • Native IBM Notes Client on iPad

And the greatest announcement so far:


We also could see a possible future of a new client from Jason Roy Gary: https://twitter.com/jasonroygary/status/999241495101300736.

And some features which may come in the planned V11 ( probably coming in 2019 )…


It was great to see the changes and I’m awaiting the beta program for the first mayor release since 2013.

@ Theo >> it was a great conference with a perfect organisation. Thanks again and cu @ engage.ug 2019.



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