Connections 5.5 – Rich Text Widget in Communities and "wasadmin"

Today I had the issue, that after adding a “RT Widget” to my community, the page reloaded multiple times and I was not able to customize the widget – except as “wasadmin”.

In the SystemOut.log of the RTECluster, I found the following error message:

[25.01.16 08:53:13:066 CET] 00000120 ConnectContro W oauth2Callback Exception while handling OAuth2 callback (I/O error on POST request for “”:Server returned wrong cipher suite for session; nested exception is Server returned wrong cipher suite for session). Redirecting to IBMConnections connection status page.
[25.01.16 08:53:13:113 CET] 00000121 CommunityAppL E retrieveAppDataLibrary CLFWY####E: Unexpected technical exception occured, please contact your Administrator, more details in Application Server logs.
org.springframework.web.client.HttpClientErrorException: 401 Unauthorized

Some investigations later ( and with great help from stoeps – a well-deserved IBM Champion ) and after switching the IBM Connections environment from “wasadmin” to a LDAP user, the RichText Widget was working as designed.

If you run into the same issue ( and I swear, not to use wasadmin for CNX implementations anymore ), customize the following environment settings in your ISC:

>> LDAP user MUST have the same roles as WASADMIN
>> Add the LDAP user to the ConnectionsBUS ( in my case it was “RABR” )

>> Delete the content of the messageStores ( nor sure, if it´s necessary )
>> Restart CNX environment