IBM Notes Traveler is syncing only one time

During this week we found a strange issue regarding a Traveler sync. This would especially be for german speaking colleagues:

If the name of a mail database contains special characters like “ä”, “ö”, “ü” or “ß”, you will be able to do a primesync with your device, but we saw, that no more changes or new mails will be synched to the device.

Our solution:
– Create a replica of the mail database without a special character
– Stop the router task
– Modify the person document
– Modify the settings in the location document of the Notes Client
– Start the router task
– Do a “te traveler security delete device-id username” on the Notes Traveler Server
– Reconfigure the Traveler Client on the device
– Ready

After those steps all synchronisation tasks were working fine. This should be fixed in Traveler 8.5.2, but happened this week with


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