IBM Connections / IBM Docs – DataSources

Yesterday I had the issue during an implementation if IBM Docs 1.0.7, that the node for the Docs server had different partitions than the Deployment Manager.

Deployment Manager partitions: C: / D:
Node for IBM Connections servers: C: / D:
Node for IBM Docs partitions: C: / E:

I found out that the IBM Docs server have troubles by connecting to the DB2 datasources because of the “missing” JDBC drivers. It looked that the Docs server were looking in the same place like the JDBC drivers are located on the node of the IBM Connections servers ( D:/IBM/SQLLIB/java ).

But no chance to modify the drive letters. Searching for a solution I came to this tiny tool >>

Visual Subst

With this tool you are able to “mount” D: like E:. After adding this substitution everything worked fine.