Desktop Settings – Settings and Managed Settings

Today I had to solve a problem at customer site. The customer did some modification of the Java settings, but when saving the desktop settings the modifications they have been reverted to the old values.

After some investigation the problem could be located and fixed ( it was quite easy ):

For example you want to enable the three settings and do not want those settings to be enforced in child policies via the “Miscellaneous” Tab:

If you save the desktop settings document, the values are reverted to “Disable” and to “Enforce”.

Solution was quite simple:
Customer had some “Managed Settings” for publishing in the NOTES.INI of the client:

EnableJavaApplets=0, Enforce
EnableLiveConnect=0, Enforce
EnableJavaScript=0, Enforce 

So if you save the document, the settings from the “Managed Settings” overwrite the settings in the “Miscellaneous” Tab. After removing them from the “Managed Settings” everything worked fine again 😉

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