Desktop Policies / Proxy Entry

This week I had a strange issue at customer site. OK, I know that almost no one uses this feature but maybe it would be helpful for you:

I put a space in the field “HTTP proxy” by mistake:

Some minutes later no client could reach any Domino Server in the environment getting the error message, that no Domino server could be reached.

Then you can change this setting in the Desktop setting but it will not work, because the clients cannot pull down the new setting from the server.

The only solution was a manual interaction at each Notes Client by removing the space from the field “HTTP proxy” or adding almost one Domino Server in the field “No proxy for these hosts and domains” in the location document or , from where the client can pull down the modified Desktop settings ( this I suggest is the better way for the future ). Thanks for all the guys who helped !!!

I found this TN ( ) and can tell you, that this issue definitively isn’t fixed with Notes 8.5.3+.

I now modified the template and added a @Trim(LocAllProxy_HTTP) to avoid this field having a space in it.


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