IBM Connections 4.5 CR5 available

Although IBM Connections 5.0 is available, a new cumulative refresh is available for IBM Connections 4.5. Further informations regarding CR5 can be found on the official
IBM site

CR5 can be downloaded on IBM Fix Central.

The following fixes are included in CR5:

APAR# Component Problem Description
LO79469 Activities Fixed the problem deselecting the video in the Activities Introduction screen
LO80976 Activities Fixed the problem where Migrated Activities attachments with special characters can’t be downloaded via IHS
LO79570 Activities Fixed the problem when replacing Files in Activities using IE9
LO78752 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Implemented API support for Impersonation in Blogs
LO79797 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Addressed the problem where UrlService findURLsToReplace() did not work
LO79732 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Fixed the problem where a comment on a Community Blog is still put in “pending for review” status when Community Level Moderation is disabled
LO79430 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Corrected the problem in IE where the underline of “More Actions” which is displayed when
mouse-cursor hovers-over that text spans-across the drop-down arrow in Blogs
LO80265 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Fixed a display issue in IE for the people attending section of an event or meeting in Communities
LO80135 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Fixed the problem with the description of private bookmark created by another user is not visible
to the super user
LO80259 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Fixed the problem where selecting a specific page number would fail when the language was set to German
Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Corrected an encoding issue with special characters in Blogs URL
Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Fixed the problem where the last modifier information in the Blogs entry feed was missing
LO80866 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Addressed nonfunctional exceptions generated by the MemberPermissionSynchronizer
LO80817 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Corrected the display of long titles of subcommunities when in a Community Blog
LO80830 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Fixed the problem when a “Page not found” error would be generated for specific user’s public blog when accessing via business card link
LO80752 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Fixed the problem with Tags for Bookmarks where “&” was displayed as a “>”
LO79159 Communities Fixed an issue when customizing a footer in Communities as the lotusFooter div would be outside the lotusFrame. This fix requires the following setting in LCC.XML –
LO79437 Communities Corrected the problem with the widget positioning in Community overview page after removing then re-adding
LO79820 Communities Corrected the problem when importing an invitee list with a count divisible by 500 fails
LO80261 Communities Fixed the problem when mailing a community generates a warning for inactive users when it should only display for active people without email addresses
LO80461 Communities Corrected the error when a community entry does not an field
LO80246 Communities Query optimization related to community members
Communities Optimized the Group selection functionality by removing the implied leading wild card
Communities Fixed the problem when using import to invite a large number of people would fail
LO80545 Communities Fixed a problem with white spaces in tags for Wiki
LO80719 Communities Fixed the problem where the Related Communities widget did not display correctly if the title contained an @ sign [IE8]
Communities Fixed the problem where reparenting migrated LC 3.0 communities was failing to run
LO80775 Communities Fixed the problem in the Media Gallery where it failed to load when videos are disabled and the gallery is empty
LO77204 Community Calendar Corrected the grammar in the notification mail when an individual user is notified about a Community Event
Core – Common services Improvements to Connections Mail
LO79992 Core – Common services Improvements to Chrome browser support
CCM/FileNet Addressed the problem in the Library widget when the Delete button is shown in certain cases when the user does not have delete permission
LO79227 CCM/FileNet Fixed the problem when a Javascript error prevented the Library widget from rendering on certain systems in IE9.
LO79608 CCM/FileNet Fixed the problem where the Business card was not in the Linked Library Widget under certain circumstances
Custom Library/ECM Integration/Filenet CCM Fixed the problem where the Comment Counter was not updating properly in Library widget
LO80435 Directory services Fixed the problem where Active Directory Nested Groups were not expanded for Filenet Folders
LO79982 Discussion Forums IBM Portal: Fixed the problem when user joins a community the forums access control list does not immediately reflect that change
LO78743 Discussion Forums Implemented API support for Impersonation in Forums
LO79149 Discussion Forums Provided an API to get all questions across all forums, filter by standalone Forums only or Community forums only
Discussion Forums Corrected the number of Topic replies in the Paging feed depending on the method used to fetch the feed
LO79961 Discussion Forums Corrected the problem when all the topics in the Forum are locked then the
Start Topic link from the Overview Page would not work
Discussion Forums Fixed the problem for some Community members where Forums generated an exception when applying a Search parameter to the Feed URL
LO80205 Discussion Forums Fixed the problem when Moderation is enabled for a Forum and file attachment can be displayed but can not be download after the topic or reply was approved by moderator
LO80963 Discussion Forums Corrected the problem where Impersonation didn’t update latest post column in the topic list
LO80258 Discussion Forums Improvements to Forum and Wiki Descriptions
LO79676 Dogear Corrected malformed HTML for Public Bookmarks for custom footers
LO79689 Embedded Experience Addressed the problem in the Files EE gadget when anonymous requests were disabled causing typeahead and the file preview to fail
LO79555 Files Corrected the problem where comments were not rendered in Files if Profiles was not enabled
LO79957 Files Fixed memory issues caused by RenditionDailyGeneration for Files
LO79506 Files Added the following setting to hide the Permalink for a file in About tab –
LO79743 Files Fixed the problem where the user who has not previously logged into Files will be considered to be an anonymous user under some concurrent situations
LO80387 Files Optimized Login into Files by reducing the number of updates for unnecessary columns
LO80597 Files Fixed the problem when the “Link to Files” dialog does not load when selected in the CKEditor under certain circumstances.
LO79464 Files Fixed an issue with JAWS in IE9 or IE10 where the Browse button in the Upload Files dialog disappears when JAWS is enabled. The fix requires the following setting in LCC.XML:

If this value is true or this property value not exist, the UI will use the Flash object as the default behavior.
If this value is set to false, the UI will use the plain html object. Customer have JAWS issue should set this property to false value.

Note: Customer need clear the browser cache in order to allow this fix take effect after apply the fix.

LO79736 Global Search Addressed errors generated by Search requests under certain circumstances
Global Search Refactored very slow queries once the table SR_INDEX_DOCS gets over a certain size (50K or more)
LO80359 Help Corrected the problem with Bookmarks Help chapter in Swedish
LO80315 Homepage Allow configuration to bypass the “Getting Started” page on Homepage and allow My Page or ActivityStream Updates as default.

LotusConnections-config.xml allows the following generic properties

homepage.gettingstarted.bypass (true|false)
if true do not open the Getting Started page by default

homepage.default.widgets (true|false)
if true and homepage.gettingstarted.bypass is true, then open the My Page view by default
if false and homepage.gettingstarted.bypass is true, then open the Updates (ActivityStream) view by default

LO80541 Homepage Fixed navigation issues for Wikis, Blogs, and Files
LO79943 Metrics – Cognos Fixed the problem where Metrics would stop processing when a ‘bad’ link from the Profiles API was encountered in the daily sync task
LO79898 Mobile Addressed the problem with where the Open action in mobile link would fail on Android 4.3 and 4,4
Mobile Update Standard Production APNS Certificate which is used by the Sync and Push Notification support in the mobile application
Mobile Added a config option to support inactivity timeout on the Mobile client
LO80226 Mobile Fixed the problem where FileSync in the Mobile app fails if mime-type is greater than 50 characters for MS SQL and Oracle
LO80455 Mobile Fixed a formatting issues with file names in Activities on the mobile application
LO80023 News Fixed the problem when a user clicks on a file in the Activity Stream that is inside a shared folder would generated an error
LO78687 News Corrected the misaligned Receive Notifications checkbox when view using IE
LO80169 News Fixed the problem where “Like” messages don’t appear on the homepage when liking a comment to an Ideation Blog entry.
Notifications Addressed the issue where the email notifications framework is configured for connections and portal then user is able to receive notifications which inturn contains URL to navigate to portal environment instead of connections but was taken to the anonymous page
LO79907 Notifications Corrected the problem where an invalid URL is generated adding a link to Profiles
LO80619 Plugin – Business card,Profiles Fixed the authentication problem when integrating Connections business cards with a third party applications and anonymous access is disabled for Connections Profiles
LO79575 Profiles Addressed a problem with customizing “Show inactive users” string in advanced search
LO80481 Profiles Fixed the problem in Profiles when adding a link that has an umlaut in it would not work correctly.
LO80292 Profiles Added support for lookups in the Profiles API via the DN
LO80376 Profiles Fixed the problem when exporting photos using TDISOL when there are invalid photos
LO80297 Profiles Remove Connections navigation bar from Profiles error page.
LO79380 Profiles,Sametime Fixed an overlapping Sametime status display issue
LO80370 Waltz Waltz-Profiles Integration (WPI) is enabled, the FileNet Content Engine (CE) should always retrieve user profile data from the Profiles services, especially, the LDAP DN value
LO79179 Wikis Corrected the problem when a Wiki page has a long name which are not fully displayed in the tree unless the sidebar is expanded to display as a tooltip when hovering over the navigation tree.
LO79648 Wikis Fix the problem when copying and pasting link in the rich text editor within a Wiki generated an error when saving
LO80572 Wikis Fixed the navigation problem after resizing the left pane in a Wiki
LO78718 Wikis Fixed the problem where the Wiki widget would not work in the Chrome browser
LO80962 @Mention Fixed the problem where the browser would terminate when using backspace key in a microblog [IE8]

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