IBM Docs 1.0.6 announced

Today IBM announced the new version of IBM Docs including the following enhancements:

  • Spreadsheets have improved quality and performance; Hide Sheet, Chart Preview, Cell Content Indent.
  • With in the editor experience, users gain improved performance and quality (file fidelity).
  • Support for IBM WebSphere® Application Server V8.5.5, IBM DB2® V10.x*, Network File System V4, Apple Safari 7, IBM Connections V5.0.
  • Improved scalability for larger environments.
  • Provides thumbnail images of OpenOffice and Microsoft Office file types for IBM Connections V5.0 environments.
The following new features are included in IBM Docs 1.0.6:


  • Enabled pre-check and sanity check.
  • Improved configuration files.
  • Added error code handling.
  • Improved deployment guide.


  • You can hide or unhide a sheet.
  • You can preview a chart when you insert it or set the chart properties.
  • When you edit a formula cell, all the references (including those that refer to other sheets) in the formula will be highlighted with color. If you input a new range during editing, the new range is highlighted with a new different color.
  • When you import files to IBM Docs, indents are preserved and can be displayed more precisely. You can also copy or remove an indent.
  • You can copy the content from one cell, select multiple cells, and paste the content into a number of the selected cells. The maximum number of cells you can select is 50,000.
  • Range expression and constant array expression are now supported.
  • With two new menu items, you can insert a row below the current row, and insert a column after the current column.
  • You can insert a new sheet by using the right-click menu on the sheet tab.
  • Performance in document format conversion and in the speed of opening .ods and .xls files is improved.
  • Cell protection for imported Microsoft Excel or .ods files so you can share and collect information more confidently with editors working in only the cells specified.
  • Support for 2-dimensional (2D) constant arrays.
  • Added two new shortcut keys for copying and pasting: Ctrl+Insert and Shift+Insert.
  • You can resize multiple columns to a uniform width.

System Requirements can be found on the IBM SPCR.

IBM Docs 1.0.6 will be available on June 26th, 2014. Further informations can be found on the official IBM site.

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