UPDATE – 10 steps to successfully deploy a social business platform

A very interesting series about implementing a social business platform is available from Paul Withers.

It describes which steps are necessary for getting all of the informations about the own company, about the needed persons and so on…

At the moment we are on step 7 of 10. HERE you can get a very helpful overview about all of the recommended steps.

Step 01 – Culture Shift

Step 02 – Create a dedicated delivery team

Step 03 – Use social to deliver social

Step 04 – Run immersion workshops ( NOT training sessions ) 

Step 05 – Identify champions and leaders

Step 06 – Seed content in consulted structure

Step 07 – Roll out in phases

Step 08 – Use platform analytics to inform next action

The outstanding steps will be added when available.

A great thank to Paul for this very impressive summary !!