New Release of the IBM Connections Mobile App

Yesterday IBM announced the update to the IBM Connections Mobile is now available in the app stores. 

The app provides a native set of collaboration capabilities so you can work seamlessly with your team, anytime, anywhere.  In this update you will find that you have a new hidden navigation which provides for more on screen real estate.  The new navigation also can be personalized based on the individuals needs and preferences,  so that you can organize the navigation based on what is most important to you.  

Some of the new capabilities include:

The Favorites section allows you to add content that is more relevant and important to you.  

You can rearrange your Apps or Updates section based on your preference or usage.  The personalization provides quick access to the apps that you need or use most often.


The History view allows you to scroll through all the items you has recently accessed and provides a quick and easy way to find information you have previously seen.  This history view is unique to the IBM Connections Mobile app. Now with just 1 tap you can go back to any item reducing your time searching for it again.  


The newly redesigned Blogs provide a Blogboard to allow for easy scrolling of all recent posts and your blogs.  The design provides easy navigation and ability to mark a Blog to Read Later even while you are offline.


This is just a small preview of some of the exciting features in this release of the mobile app.  

For more information about the app and the upcoming release of IBM Connections Next, join us on May 21 for our Virtual Event – REGISTER TODAY – and check out the awesome mobile demo there!  

Download it today at the Apple App Store or Google Play

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