Live Q&A May 22 with Luis Benitez and Suzanne Livingston: What to expect with IBM Connections Next

On May 21, IBM will give us a look at the new features and functions available in IBM Connections Next. Bring your questions and comments from that announcement to our Live Q&A with Luis Benitez and Suzanne Livingston on May 22. Here are the details:
Date: May 22, 2014
Time: 11 am – 12 pm ET ( 
Topic: What to expect in IBM Connections Next
What to expect in IBM Connections Next
IBM will soon show us the new capabilities available in IBM Connections Next (check out the teaser). What new features can you expect and how will your current Connections installation be affected?

Register today to join two of IBM Connections’ Product Managers, Luis Benitez and Suzanne Livingston, on May 22 from 11 am – 12 pm ET to get the details on new features and functionality and what to expect in the latest edition of IBM Connections.

Post your questions for Luis and Suzanne such as:
What is the best upgrade path to IBM Connections Next?
When can cloud customers expect to see these updates?
Are the desktop plug-ins getting an update?  

How does a Live Q&A work? Think of it like office hours: We’ll provide experts on a specific topic, block off an hour of his or her time, and you can ask questions and get answers on the spot. No presentation to sit through, no dialing in to a conference call line. Get answers to your questions simply and quickly.

To get started, register for the Q&A and then post your questions to Luis and Suzanne in our What to expect in IBM Connections Next forum. Can’t make that time frame? Feel free to post your questions in advance! The important thing to remember is that you must be signed in to your SocialBiz User Group account in order to post a question.

If you don’t have an account yet, what are you waiting for? It’s completely free. Sign up for a SocialBiz User Group account now!

Further informations can be found on socialbiz User Group

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