Lotus Notes – Thanks for the memory….

Source: IBM developerWorks

A great article about how to speed up your IBM Notes Client :

No, this is not a pre-announcement of the death of Lotus Notes. Nope, what this is is something that came out of a discussion we were having on a residency that I am running about some whizzy new hardware that will be announced very shortly. While I was waiting for what seemed like an eternity for Lotus Notes to wake up and open itself, one of the residents said “have you upped the JVM memory setting?”. What, says I in my best I haven’t got a clue what you are talking about expression.
So, a few clicks later and a restart of Lotus Notes (in my case LN 8.5) and the thing is now like an express train ! Naturally your mileage may vary, but it don’t half go a bit quicker for me now ! It’s not going to fix network issues, but everything opens much quicker.
Here is a part of the solution described there.
Resolving the problem
Most likely, a set of default configurations for Notes/Designers’ use of the JVM needs to be modified. The JVM is the runtime upon which Java programs execute. For Notes and Domino Designer, the JVM settings are stored in a file called jvm.properties that is located in the following path:
By default, the properties file has the following values:

If you have at least 2 GB of physical RAM, close all instances of Notes, Domino Designer, and Domino Administrator, and then change the settings to the following values:

NOTE: In a post Notes/Designer 9.0 release, these higher values will be set by default in new installs, but currently you must change them manually.
Back to me again. Now, do not get too greedy as I did and change the values to something other than those advised. I did, and Lotus Notes was not very happy about it and seemed to spend an inordinate time loading. Going back to the suggested values fixed that.
Hopefully you will notice an improvement !