IBM Connections 4.5 CR4 available / NOW WITH FILE SYNC !!!

IBM releases the latest CR4 for IBM Connections 4.5. 

List of fixes:

The following new functions are available within the CR4 – especially the option to create folders inside of Communities is a very valuable enhancement:

1. Include hashtag (#) in a reply to a status update

This function adds supports for Hashtag in microblog comments. Now, when you click on a hashtag in a comment in News and in the replies section of an activity entry you are directed to a search result page returning all status updates and comments that have the corresponding hashtag. Only content created after CR4 is installed and the feature enabled will be clickable.

2. Include a file link in reply to a status update

This function adds support for posting a file in reply to a status update.

3. Expose activity stream search in the user interface and filter by hashtag 

This feature allows the submission of tags with events so that home page tag searches finds them

4. @mentions via the activity stream API

This feature allows 3rd party applications to submit events that appear in the @mentions view of the activity stream

5. Community Folders

In addition to sharing personal folders to Communities, you can now create folders in a Community and use them to organize files within that Community.

6. File Sync for Mobile
File Sync is an extension to IBM Connections that synchronizes files between a user’s computers (including mobile devices) and the IBM Connections server. 

By default, File Sync is disabled in IBM Connections. To enable and configure File Sync, please follow the steps in the Configuring File Sync for mobile page in the product documentation.

Thanks a lot to Klaus Bild for sharing
this very helpful information with us on his blog

7. Push Notifications for Mobile
This feature enables notifications to be sent to mobile users about Connections events.

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