Domino 9 Language Pack install fails on RedHat 6 64-bit

You are attempting to install an IBM Domino 9.0.x Language Pack in Console mode on Linux 64-bit. Right after the “Preparing Java Virtual Machine…” message displays, the command prompt appears and then the install fails.


The JVM embedded in the Language Pack install launcher is not compatible with Linux 64-bit platforms.

Resolving the problem

This issue is being tracked as SPR# BBSZ98TGBJ and SPR# IISA9CWHFD, and will be addressed in a future Language Pack release.
Option #1: Install 32-bit glib packages via yum or from RHEL distribution CD

=> yum install -y glibc-*.i686 libgcc-*.i686

– or –

Option #2: Try running Domino java /java -cp setup.jar run

For example:
[root@opel bin]# pwd
[root@opel bin]# ./java -cp /tmp/CIJA9JA/DomLP90_Suite.jar:/tmp/CIJA9JA/DomLP90_ja.jar run -consoleFor example
[root@opel bin]# pwd
[root@opel bin]# ./java -cp /tmp/CIJA9JA/DomLP90_Suite.jar:/tmp/CIJA9JA/DomLP90_ja.jar run -console

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