Domino 9.0.x for i: Software requirements

Due to some migrations of “Domino for i” here is an overview of the software requirements:

Required and optional software
The Lotus Software for IBM i operating system Compatibility Guide contains more information about products supported on IBM i.

Domino Software

Domino Software
Install Resource ID and Option
IBM Domino 9.0
IBM Domino 9.0: C API (1)
IBM Domino 9.0: Release 9.0.0
IBM Domino 9.0: Release 9.0.1
5733LD9 *BASE (Required)
5733LD9 Option 1
5733LD9 Option 10
5733LD9 Option 11

(1) Install this option if you run any application that uses the C API interfaces. The C API option is not multi-version capable.

Use the Display Software resources (DSPSFWRSC) command to list the installed software.  The Resource ID or Licensed Program (LICPGM) number for Domino is “5733Lxx” where “xx” represents the Domino version and release level. This value is different from the Lotus Passport Advantage product ID, for example 5724E62 for Domino 8.5.0 and 5724Z10, 5724Z14 for Domino 8.5.1. While both values may be used to refer to the Lotus Domino product, the Resource ID (LICPGM value) is specific to IBM i and licensed program installation.

IBM i Software

IBM i Software
i 6.1
i 7.1
i Operating System
Licensed Internal Code
Required Individual PTFs (1) (1) (1)
Host Servers 5761SS1 Option 12 5770SS1 Option 12
Qshell 5761SS1 Option 30 5770SS1 Option 30
Portable App Solutions Environment 5761SS1 Option 33 5770SS1 Option 33
TCP/IP Connectivity Utilities 5761TC1 Option *BASE 5770TC1 Option *BASE
IBM HTTP Server (2) 5761DG1 Option *BASE 5770DG1 Option *BASE
IBM Developer Kit for Java V6 J9 (3) 5761JV1 Option *BASE
5761JV1 Option 11
5761JV1 Option 12
5761JV1 Option *BASE
5761JV1 Option 11
5761JV1 Option 12
IBM i Access Family (4) 5761XW1 Option *BASE
5761XW1 Option 1
5770XW1 Option *BASE
5770XW1 Option 1

See the technote Domino for IBM i (i5/OS): What System Fixes are Required? for the latest information on required PTFs. Always have the latest PTF levels applied to your system. Refer to the Preventive Service Planning (PSP) Web site for the latest cumulative, group and individual PTFs available for the release:
Required if you plan to use the IBM HTTP Server plug-in for Domino or any Web services.
5761JV1 Option 11 and 12 are available with i 6.1 and i 7.1 media.
(4) Install these options if you plan to manage your Domino environment using i Navigator, the graphical user interface for managing i. The latest service pack is available at:

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