What can IBM do to improve the standing of Lotus Notes Domino

An interesting question was posted on LinkedIn from Carsten Hellweger.

I would like to open a discussion about the current image problems IBM is facing with Lotus Notes.
I certainly hope, that some relevant IBM Lotus represantative will join or read the discussion.
Right now we are facing questions like:

• Is Lotus Notes dead or dying
• Should we migrate mail to MS Exchange or other
• Will we be the last to use Lotus Notes

We can all Point out various reasons why Lotus Notes is the better platform, but the users and especially the decision makers don’t understand.
We are after all back to square one as around 2002 when IBM announced that Lotus Notes will be replaced by Websphere. We are 11 years down the road, still there and still IBM is not pointing out what the strength of Lotus Notes is but is still trying to run after the hypes (currently called social).
I think there is still a strong market for the product but we can only harvest it, if the image is right.
So what can IBM do?

Please come up with your suggestions.

Carsten Hellweger

You can follow the discussion here.

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