IBM Connections 4.5 CR3 released

IBM released the CR3 for IBM Connections 4.5 including those new features:

IBM Connections 4.5 CR3 includes new functions that may be optionally used or enabled by making changes to the configuration files. Download available here


IBM Connections 4.5 CR3 includes new functions that may be optionally used or enabled by making changes to the configuration files or including new API calls within your program. This document lists each function, along with a brief description and steps to enable them.

1. Reparenting communities
This function allows an administrator to modify a top-level community to become a subcommunity of another community or modify a subcommunity to become a top-level community.

For details on the wsadmin commands to perform community reparenting, please review the topic titled “Reparenting communities” in the product documentation.

2. Community activities view
This function provides a view that lists all activities that are part of all the communities that the user belongs to. The view is linked under My Activities left navigation bar. The listed activities do not include public activities, activities that the user tuned out, or activities that have been completed.

To enable the view, modify the oa-config.xml file to add the property “feature.communityActivitiesView.enabled”, then synchronize all nodes and restart the Activities application.

Set the value to “true” to enable the view:


Set the value to “false” to disable the view:


3. Badging
This function adds a badge next to the “@ Mentions” and “My Notification” links within the Activity Stream view.

To enable this function, edit LotusConnections-config.xml, and add the following property, near the bottom, after “versionStamp”, and before the closing tag:


If there is already a  tag, just add this new property to it. The, restart the News and the WidgetContainer applications.

4. Ideation blogs filter APIs

The new APIs provide extra parameters to filter the results by blog type (e.g. blog, ideationblog, and communityblog). There are also new VM methods for displaying most commented and most visited blogs/entries by blog type.

public entries and public community blogs entries:

public ideas:

public community blogs entries:

public blogs and public community blogs:

public ideation blogs:

public community blogs:

mylikes entries including community blogs entries:

my likes ideas:

mylikes of  community blogs entries:

VM methods:
Public ideas:  SiteModel.getWeblogsIdeationsListPager(int sinceDays, int length)
public entries and public community blogs entries:  SiteModel.getWeblogEntriesPager(int sinceDays, int length, Integer blogType)  blogType: 0 for public entries and public community blogs entries; 1 for public community blogs entries only. similarly hereinafter

public ideation blogs: SiteModel.getIdeationBlogsPager(length)
public blogs and public community blogs: SiteModel.getWeblogsPager(length, 0)

My Votes for ideas:  SiteModel.getMyFavoriteIdeas(sinceDays,length)
My Likes for entries:  SiteModel.getMyFavoriteEntries(sinceDays,length, 0)

MostCommented for ideation blogs:   SiteModel.getMostCommentedIdeationBlogsOnlyStat(int sinceDays, int length)
MostCommented for blogs: SiteModel.getMostCommentedBlogsOnlyStat(int sinceDays, int length)

MostCommented for ideas: SiteModel.getMostCommentedIdeasOnlyStat(int sinceDays, int length)
MostCommented for entries: SiteModel.getMostCommentedEntriesOnlyStat(int sinceDays, int length)

MostVisited for ideation blogs: SiteModel.getMostVisitedIdeationBlogsOnlyStat(int sinceDays, int length)
MostVisited for  blogs: SiteModel.getMostVisitedBlogsOnlyStat(int sinceDays, int length)

MostVisited for ideas: SiteModel.getMostVisitedIdeasOnlyStat(null, int sinceDays, int length)
MostVisited for  entries: SiteModel.getMostVisitedEntriesOnlyStat(null, int sinceDays, int length) 

Further the following fixes are included in the CR3:

Component APAR# Problem Description
Activities LO76910 Fixed an error when moving an Activity To Do using the context menu
Activities LO76933 Fixed the problem with Activities appending characters at the end of the filename when using IE to download a file
Activities LO76366 Corrected Norwegian translation in Activities
Activities Fixed Java script errors in IE8
Activities LO77409 Fixed an error when opening an Activity’s page from Metrics in IE8
Activities LO77212 Fixed the problem with accessing an Activity that contains an EML file type
Activity Stream Search LO77231 Corrected the “I’m Following” feed to order by date
Blogs Corrected the Danish translation of the word “Entry”
Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Corrected the behavior for Blogs in a force authentication environment which should not require user login
Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Removed the redundant Community link in the Blogs feed
Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Improvements to Bookmarks UI logic
Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar LO76828 Fixed the custom login page not being displayed for Blogs under certain conditions, some of which include using SPNEGO.
Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar LO77577 Fixed the error when the Calendar view in Community Events is the default
Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar LO76791 Fixed the issue in the Calendar view not displaying the event time correctly.
Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar LO77042 Resolved exceptions when adding Calendar widget
Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar LO77217 Fixed the issue for links to Blogs in mail which would redirect to overview page rather than to the blog after authentication
Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar LO77180 Increased the number of characters for Calendar Atom feed beyond 40 characters using the new parameter “summary=short or full”
Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar LO77296 Fixed the problem where comments are not displayed under certain Blog posts in IE
Common Fixed the issue when then the Sharebox stops responding when using the Home key after the @ sign
Common Fixed the browser termination for IE8 when using the Backspace key to delete multiple lines
Common LO76669 Addressed issues when using the Return or Tab keys after the @ sign in the Sharebox
Common Addressed the issue when using the Backspace key before the @ sign in an incomplete @mention that would cause duplication of the text
Common Improved performance with Profiles and Awareness in IE
Common LO77353 Fixed the line break when the Enter key is use in a microblog in IE
Common Corrected behavior when hitting the Tab or Return key right after the @ sign
Common Fixed an issue when hitting the Backspace key after the @ sign caused the browser to refresh and return to the previous page.
Common Fixed the issue when hitting the Enter key while typing an @mention would move cursor to the wrong location in IE
Common Fixed the problem in @mentions when typing the Norwegian character “å”
Common Fixed the problem pasting text into an empty Status Update field in IE9 using Ctrl V
Communities LO75722 Fixed the issue when a subcommunity’s description is removed after modifying the parent community’s visibility
Communities LO71806 Address the issue when descriptions fail to display on a Community’s feed page
Communities LO77091 Fixed the issue where “Follow Community” and “Community Actions” links are not displayed in a Community with Sub-Communities
Communities LO77251 Fixed the problem when users who are in 1000+ LDAP groups can’t open Communities pages [Oracle]
Communities LO77186 Improvements to Status Updates in a Private Community
Communities LO77375 Improvements to Search “This Community”
Communities Corrected the corrupt text in error messages for failed imported users with DBCS characters
Communities Fixed the exception with auto-following for new owners when person is already a follower
Communities Improvements to “Posting Updates” logic in a Community
Communities Fixed the error when re-posting the Community Status update
Community Calendar LO77204 Corrected the grammar in the notification mail when an individual user is notified about a Community Event.
Community Catalog Fixed the error when going to Communities when the browser language is set to Chinese (Simplified)
Custom Library / ECM Integration / Filenet CCM Fixed the rendering of ampersands in the Library widget title.
Custom Library / ECM Integration / Filenet CCM Fixed a spacing issue in the Library widget breadcrumb trail.
Custom Library / ECM Integration / Filenet CCM LO76918 Enhancements to the IBM Connections Extensions Application
Discussion Forums Corrected the order of Interaction details for Forum creation
Discussion Forums Improved the handling of messages against principal cache for miss trace messages
Discussion Forums LO77192 Corrected the feed filter when using an email address and userid not working
Discussion Forums LO77237 Provide APIs for question/answer in a Community
Embedded Experience Corrected the problem where Blog comments are not fully shown in Embedded Experience
Files Enabled a link to download / preview a file in the ‘About this file’ tab in the File details page
Files Enabled searching when a file is shared via private folder
Files LO76384 Fixed the issue with error messages generated when the library quota policy is set to be 0
Files LO77234 Fixed the issue when a Community has multiple libraries and the file picker doesn’t display the correct list of files
Files Address the issue where a user can still upload a new version to an IBM Docs type using an API
Files The fixed the problem when switching users while adding a file using the “Other People’s Files” command not displaying the correct list of files.
Files LO77394 Corrected the tagging problem of files in Japanese when using IE
Global Search Corrected the results for “Things in Common” not being populated with expected contents
Global Search Fixed the problem with prefix query searches for complex values with special characters that returned no results
Metrics – Cognos LO77552 Fixed the issue with Metrics where a DB2 process used a high percentage for the CPU regularly
[Tech Note]
Mobile LO77433 Fixed the problem where Blog Comments are not displayed in mobile apps when connecting to a Japanese Connections server
Mobile LO77293 Addressed issues with Docs Integration is not working correctly in mobile apps
Mobile Surface all events to the mobile subscription which in turn get consumed by the push notifications
Mobile Push Support on Mobile has been added for Action Required Items
News Fixed the “Approve Event” to be displayed when a “Community Owner Group” approve the draft
News Fixed the issue when a variable is displayed in the “I’m following” page
News Improvements in the Event Stream to include missing or incorrect information
News Corrected the information in News feed for the activity.membership.updated event
Notifications Removed indirect following from EMD frequency filters for Communities and Profiles
Profiles LO77211 Fixed the problem when a blank screen is displayed when a user logs out from Sametime with a business card open
Profiles Enabled Profiles extension attribute values to be available in SPI
Profiles Corrected the problem with blank data in a Rich Text field after deletion
Profiles Fixed the Global Keyword Search followed by refinement via selecting tags not working
Profiles Addressed the problem with redundant page numbers for contacts
Profiles LO77313 Corrected the data displayed for Global Metrics in Profiles
Profiles LO77357 Fixed the problem where Profiles was excessively updating last login information
Profiles Enabled Profiles to allow to specify which extended attributes will be indexed with “exact match”
Wikis Corrected the problem where the draft of a page is loaded for wrong page with same name after edit
Wikis Fixed the problem where some font format will be appear in TOC for Wikis

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