IBM Domino 9.0 IF5 available for download

Today IBM released the next interfim fix for IBM Domino 9.0. More informations and the download links are available here

This Interim Fix addresses the following SPRs:

SPR Description
DMNI9AKAGK HTTP crash in NItem::SetValueFromBrowser when calling Cstricmp with a NULL pointer (technote 1648803)
CSCT962QBG dbmt -force requires exact case and directory delimiter
JPAI965RZM Compacting of DBMT in Cluster will only do certain databases unless -force N specified
JPAI8Y6VJF NONSUMMARY data getting stomped causing corruption in medium and high encrypted databases
VPRS8TWTSE Server Crashed With: Lockmemhandle() Handle 0x30313132 Is Not A Valid Memhandle (technote 1596387)
CCLI9AMA82 iNotes workload CPU regress around 10% against V901_08082013 build

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