IBM Notes Traveler IF2 available

Yesterday IBM released the new IF2 for the Notes Traveler including the following fixes:

Server may crash processing HTML content for special document types such as Phone Message.
Attachment may not sync if name contains symbols such as percent sign.
User preference for save sent mail may not be honored when send from Mobile device.
LO76944 Server Server may not start if Java API reports IP address not reachable.
BB10: Forward attachment may corrupt attachment name if special characters.
Duplicate plain text reply notice received if one of the recipients has special characters in the name.
LO77101 Server Native memory leak streaming attachments may lead to server performance degradation.
LO77108 Android Sometimes not able to edit linked contact on Android device.
LO77114 Android Surface certain MDM APIs for MDM provider usage.
LO77158 Server Potential slow Java memory growth on long running server.
LO7160 Server Unable to sync data on Windows device if folder present with blank name.
LO77174 Server BB10: Contact anniversary field not retained if anniversary date is 1-1-1970.
LO77183 Server Unable to determine Domino server version error displayed during install of Traveler server.
LO77206 Server Meeting char may receive update notice if they are listed as an attendee of their own meeting.
LO77215 Server Delay in syncing attachments on Apple device could result in sync key mismatch.
LO77218 Android Work around for Android OS SecureRandom bug.
LO77240 Server Traveler task may terminate if processing more than 120 meeting update notices.
LO77247 Server Windows device may stop receiving automatic updates.
LO77271 Android Notes Traveler contact editor may not be a choice on some Android devices.
LO77279 Server Prohibit download attachment setting not honored for Windows devices.
LO77306 Server Attachment may not sync for special document types such as Phone Message.
LO77327 Server Traveler server may not send mail if local mail server and multiple files.
LO77355 Server Duplicate contact creation not prevented if the contact only has one or two fields specified.

The IF2 can be downloaded at IBM Fix Central

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