Shutdown/Restart Lotus Domino Server via Program Document

Create a Program document in the server’s Domino directory:

1. Open the Domino directory
2. Select the Server view
3. Select Programs view
4. Click Add Program
5. Under the Basics tab and in the field Program name enter: nserver (for iSeries, enter server)
6. In the Command line enter:
    -c “quit” ( for ending the Lotus Domino Server )
    -c “restart server” ( for restarting the Lotus Domino Server )
7. Fill in the Server to run on field and also set a schedule under the Schedule tab. The server does not need to be rebooted for this Program document to take effect

Caution: If your server requires a password at start up, the server will shut down and restart, but will sit and wait for the password to be manually entered.

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