Is there a way to restict mail forwarding rules to external addresses?

Great thank to Matt Buchanan for this great hint !!!


First up, set the user forward rule return path to construct non-deliverable return addresses – if you’re running 8.5, you can do this via the configuration document (the field is just below the one that disables mail rule forwarding). If you’re pre-8.5, then you need to set the following parameter in the notes.ini:
What that does is prepends the outgoing e-mail address with ‘nobounce’ (so, in your example, it’d be
Next, create a mail rule in your configuration document. If you have designated servers that deal with all internet e-mail, the rule should only need to be created on those servers. Set the criteria to:
When sender contains nobounce
AND any Recipient contains @
AND any Recipient contains .
That *should* limit the rule to messages sent to internet addresses via a mail forwarding rule – although you’d have to make sure your users were using the Notes address rather than the internet e-mail address in their rules. You can then set the action to ‘Do Not Deliver’ and either silently delete the message or send an NDR.
I’m sure there’s probably a hole in my logic somewhere (and I’d like to think I’ve missed an easier way to do this) but I think this should sort you out.

Already tested it ( also with 8.5.3 ) and it worked fine !!!

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