Sync unread marks between two clustered mailboxes


Do you take advantage of Domino clusters in your company or for your customers? Just for mailboxes or also for Notes applications?

Over the last years Notes clustering is much more interesting:
for example there is an advanced Notes database property that forces Domino clustered servers to replicate ALSO unread marks.

That setting is interesting because Notes users need to use their mail without knowing whether that mailbox is on server A or server B: exchanging unread marks is a great option for a “consistent” mail experience.

Unfortunately the setting described above is useless if the 2 clustered mailboxes are not initially in sync, I mean “unread marks” counting.
Sometimes unread marks counts are not initially the same for clustered mailboxs, and the advanced db property setting does not solve the problem!

Ok, you can “force” that status of each Notes document using the “Ins” key, but that is time-consuming and must be done using the user ID of the mailbox owner…

There is another way to sync unread marks between two clustered mailboxes: using a Notes Edit menu option that normally is hidden!
The following operation will take care of unread marks for the current logged Notes user only.

1) unstack mailboxes icons (from the Edit menu)

2) select both mailbox icons clicking both shift-key AND mouse left-click

3) go to Edit menu -> Unread marks -> Exchange unread marks

Unread-marks counts will be in sync!

Is it possible to set unread marks for any mailbox, just using a programmatic way? I mean, using LotusScript and some new Notes objects property/methods…

With new R8, programmers will have the opportunity to set the “read status” of each Notes document (see “what’s new” document in R8 Designer help).

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