IBM License Metric Tool V9.2 delivers migration tools and adds Microsoft SQL database and Microsoft Windows support for IBM License Metric Tool server

IBM® License Metric Tool V9.2:
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Provides a complete set of migration tools to enable porting of key set of configuration information and software categorization from License Metric Tool V7 in order to preserve knowledge base and deployment configurations that were built and are still required for value add and proper IBM software usage license reporting.

Supports, when using License Metric Tool server, Microsoft™ SQL database and a free Microsoft SQL Express® database. This capability removes the need to use only an IBM DB2® database. The provided Microsoft SQL Express database can also be used for test and small production environments.

Supports, when using License Metric Tool server, Microsoft Windows™ to allow more deployment flexibility and align with supported platforms available in the wider IBM Endpoint Manager portfolio of products. IBM Endpoint Manager is the client-server platform, which is used by the IBM License Metric Tool server to scan target computers and collect hardware and software inventory data.
Delivers a new set of REST APIs, as part of the migration tool, to add configuration information in a programmatic way.

Improves dashboards that provide more accurate information about the status of License Metric Tool agents and if the agents have been able to scan the target computers and successfully collect the inventory data.

IBM License Metric Tool, based on the IBM Endpoint Manager client-server platform, provides an extensive set of reports and dashboards, which allows aggregation and counting of IBM products and their related server capacity usage. License Metric Tool reports and data inventory allow you to use the information to compare with what you are entitled to use and gives you the focus needed to better manage your servers.

IBM License Metric Tool V9.2 provides:

Migration tools.
Microsoft SQL database support for License Metric Tool server.
Microsoft support for License Metric Tool server.
Enhanced REST APIs.
Enhanced dashboards.