IBM Content Manager Enterprise Edition V8.6

Today IBM announced the new version of IBM CM EE 8.6 with the following enhancements:

  • Support for IBM Cloud Object Storage, a highly scalable, secure, and economical archival storage for content
  • Simplification of search operations with support for case insensitive searches
  • Ease of use for administrators with enhanced web-based administration
  • Improved performance with streamlined caching of item-type definition in Java™ APIs
  • Support for Linux® clustering file system GFS2 and journaling file systems EXT4

Planned availability date: June 14th 2018

You can read the complete announcement here: IBM CM EE V8.6

The support for the current version V8.5 will be withdrawn on April 30th 2019:

IBM ECM Plug-In in Notes 9 Sidebar

The users can browse and search in their ECM repositories using the same interactions as they already know from the IBM Content Navigator web application. They can also seamlessy work with the favorites they have defined on their IBM Content Navigator desktop.

The users can add or move emails to the ECM repositories using simple drag and drop operations. Furthermore they can copy attachments to the ECM repositories. With this features the users are able to both reduce the size of their Notes databases and can easily share relevant informations
with multiple people.

Please read all of the advantages in the attached PDF !!