‘The future of Collaboration Solutions under HCL’ including news about Notes/Domino V11

A great summary of the future of the collaboration solutions currently hosted by IBM was given by Uffe Sorenson (HCL Global Director) and Paul Withers (Lifetime IBM Champion). Of course not all details could be told in fact of the actual contract but some of them are more than worth to read:

  • Domino application templates, which have been neglected for far too long, will receive some well-deserved attention. We’re talking revitalising existing templates and the development of new ones. These will have two aims – to provide organisations with common applications ready for use out of the box (holiday leave requests, document libraries, etc.), and secondly to act as a springboard for developers to customise further. These will be made available via a ‘digital solutions store’ – or in other words, an app store. It goes without saying they’ll be browser and mobile ready.
  • There will be a new thin desktop client based on WebAssembly technology. It sounds like WebAssembly will be used to provide a common code base for many types of client, such as IDMA/Nomad (Notes apps on the iPad), the Notes browser plug-in, and the Verse mobile client.
  • Anyone currently with the ‘IBM Champion’ accolade will be become an ‘HCL Master’. Further to this, HCL affirmed the great importance they attached to the community as a whole, and will continue to support user groups such as ICON UK.
  • In terms of licensing, all existing software and support contracts with IBM will continue as they are. The earliest potential changes to the licensing model would be with the release of Domino 11 in November/December 2019, which will have an emphasis on simplicity (‘no more sub-capacity licensing’!).
  • Moving forward, Verse will be the primary email client being developed – with a particular emphasis on Verse On-Premise. Other current methods will still be supported though, such as Outlook and mobile (via Traveler).
  • Notes/Domino as a whole is in quite a healthy place, with over 180 clients returning back to the platform in Q4 2018!
  • There will be a new Designer client, and low code application development will be via a new visual builder environment. It was suggested this could be a development of HCL Leap, however that’s by no means confirmed.

HCL are showing every sign of refusing to let up on Domino’s momentum built up over the past year or so, which is very encouraging. Get in touch if you’d like to have a chat about what this means for you and your Domino investment.


Regarding this statement a lot of great features will be available in IBM Domino V11 which is announced in Q4 2019:

  • Domino DirSync
    • will pull informations about users and groups directly from the AD ( including renames )
  • Domino “DAOS on Steroids”
    • a single cloud instance for each object per database replica set
  • Domino HTTP authentication against the ID Vault
    • no sync between the Notes ID and the HTTP password required
  • Recall undelivered scheduled mail
  • Domino Language Kits will be available on day 1 of Domino V11

So great times are coming for our community !! Stay tuned 😉

Let’s Get Real: What’s in Domino V11

HCL is inviting to a webcast on March 14th including the following content:
In the era of digital transformation, empowering a workforce to re-engineer their own processes into more responsive, measurable and effective outcomes is essential.
Join Andrew Manby and Richard Jefts to learn what the next chapter in the #dominoforever journey will mean to Domino developers, administrators and business users based on your input from the “Domino ideas portal” and V11 #dominoforever jams.
For those at IBM Think 2019, this webcast will provide even more insights. This is one event you are not going to want to miss.
If you´re interested about the new features HCL will deliver don´t forget to register for the webcast here: https://bit.ly/2TGIXDM

Domino V11 Virtual Jam

If you haven’t been able to be part of one of the great Domino V11 Jam´s held by HCL and IBM you can register for the Virtual Jam on January 30th 3PM here:


Be part of the community and share your ideas !!

IBM Domino V11 Jam in Vienna

I was invited to be part of the Domino V11 Jam held in Vienna yesterday – and it was an amazing event !!

The Collaboration team of IBM Austria, Uffe Sorensen and also Richard Jefts have been in this great location on the 13th floor. The event was led by Thomas Hampel from IBM Germany.

A lot of ideas have been discovered and summarized like you can see in the photos…

But Richard and Thomas also delivered great news about the future regarding the acquisition of IBM Collaboration Solutions by HCL. Take a look at the following pictures of the slides:



HCL will also start a Partner Program in 2019 – further informations here !

Also the possible development directions of the IBM Notes/Domino environment have been presented:


A great summary of the key initiatives for the Domino Roadmap ( V11 and beyond ) was also presented and will be available public after the Domino V11 Jams – or you register for one of the jams right here and you’ll get a very interesting overview during the Jam:

Domino V11 Jams

Another informations delivered by Thomas and Richard:

IBM Notes/Domino V10.0.1 will be available on December 18th 2018

IBM Community Server 10.0.1 and IBM Community Client 10.0.1

This server and also the client are for free and can be used for development, not for production. But a great way either to test your applications but also for newbies to see the amazing possibilities of IBM Domino V10+

So great informations in one day. Stay tuned and keep on collaborating…