Error “Operation failed” when creating reservation in resource database ( German template )

Starting with 10.0.1 you receive an error message “Operation failed” when trying to create reservations directly in the resource database with the German template.

This is caused by a forgotten bracket in the code. To get rid of this error you have to do the following:

  • Open the template of the resource reservation ( resrc10.ntf, resrc11.ntf ) in the Designer
  • Open the Script Library “SharedFunctions_de-DE”



  • Switch to the function “GetResourceInfo”


In the second to the last “If versionNumber < 377” you have the following code where a bracket is missing in the marked “Else” statement:


To correct this issue you have to replace the code with the following:

IsSpecList_Error = Evaluate(|@IsError(@ExpandNameList( @Subset(@DbName;1) ; “| + tmplist +|”;[IGNORE_FWD_ADDRESS]))|)

After this modification replace the design of your resource database(s).

HCL Wikis and helpful forums

HCL is doing a great job by transferring a lot of informations from IBM to their platforms. By now HCL offers the following links:

HCL Notes and Domino Wiki

HCL Connections On-Premises Documentation

HCL Connections Cloud Documentation

HCL Notes/Domino Fixlist

And Tim Clark promised that there are a few more on the way…


On overview about the already migrated forums and wikis can be found here:

HCL Sametime V11+

Today HCL invited to a webinar about the current version of HCL Sametime – V11. There are great enhancements in this release compared with the last releases:

  • 64bit support for the Sametime Community Server
  • No more WebSphere
  • No more DB2
  • Very simplified installation
  • Persistant Chat
  • Simple integration of Third Party Conference Tools

But also the roadmap of HCL Sametime is looking fine:

HCL Sametime V11.5 ( Targeted available in Juni 2020 )

  • HCL Sametime Meetings 
  • Built on open source
  • Audio/Video and Screen Sharing
  • No plugins necessary for users !!
  • Very simple deployment

But also take a look at the mentioned roadmap:

HCL Sametime Roadmap

If you have additional questions you can also take a look at the complete presentation shown during this webinar.

How to import a wildcard SSL certificate into a Domino Key Ring

Some customers are using wildcard SSL certificates in their environments and want to use them for accessing the Domino environments via Traveler and WebMail.

What you’ll need:

To use those wildcard certificates you have to go through the following steps ( I did this on my Windows machine ):

First you have to to export the wildcard certificate from the PFX file:

c:\openssl\bin\openssl pkcs12 – in <path-to-pfx> -out <path-to-pem> -nodes -chain


This generates the following file:


You can open this file for example with NotePad++ and you will see the following content with all intermediates, root certificates and also the private key:


In my case you now have the private key, the certificate, the intermediate and the root certificate in the PEM file. To go on I created a new text file and copied the content from the PEM file over – with the following order:

  • Private Key
  • Certificate
  • Intermediate
  • Root






To check if everything is fine you can check with the KyrTool by entering the following command:

C:\HCL\Notes>kyrtool.exe verify c:\wildcard\wildcard.txt


If you don´t receive any error >> Congrats !!

Now you´re ready to create a KYR file, import the content of the text file ( in this case it was “wildcard.txt” ), move the KYR and STH file to your Domino Server, customize the setting in the Server Document/Website, restart your HTTP server and grab a beer.

The way how to generate the KYR file, … is documented here ( starting at 5. )



Domino V10 / V11 on iSeries

If you have to install/upgrade a Domino Server on iSeries and you want to install the software with “RSTLICPGM” you need to enter the license program here:


I opened a case and received the following informations very quickly ( thanks to Somnath Mohanty for his fast investigation ! ):


5733D10 = Domino 10.0.1

5733D11 =Domino V11

We have now dropped the word Lotus, hence you can see “L” is missing from V10 onwards. Product documentation doesn’t have this detail, so I will discuss this further and publish a knowledge article at the earliest to clear this confusion.


After installation of Domino V11 you have to upgrade the system databases to the current ODS – but therefore the Domino server has to be down. You can run thi with the following command after putting the Create_R10_Databases=1 to the NOTES.INI:

RUNDOMCMD SERVER(servername) CMD(CALL PGM(QDOMI110001/COMPACT) PARM(‘names.nsf’ ‘-ODS’))


HCL Software overview with new logos

HCL released Notes/Domino/Traveler V11.0.1 today but HCL also has a lot of other great solutions. Take a look at the following excerpt with the new logos which are looking great ( my personal opinion ):

HCL Digital Solutions: The home of Collaboration and great solutions. Read more >>

HCL Atlas is a high feature, low cost, born-in-the-cloud email platform designed to handle enterprise workloads. Read more >>

HCL Commerce: a B2C and B2B commerce platform for your omnichannel business. Read more >>

HCL Connections: Workstream collaboration for meetings, messaging, files & more. People Power Your Business. Connections Powers Your People. Read more >>

HCL Digital Experience: A digital experience platform for combing content, applications and delivering personalized experiences. Read more >>

HCL Domino: A secure, enterprise-grade, application development platform with great features !! Apps that run your business. Read more >>

HCL Domino Volt: A new low-code way to build apps on Domino. Great at building forms and forms-based workflow apps. Both a design and runtime environment. Read more >>

HCL Leap: Sophisticated web applications for data collection and process automation. Lightweight Enterprise Apps To Transform Business Process. Read more >> There´s also an introduction of Marty Lechleider on YouTube

HCL Nomad: a mobile client that allows users to work with HCL Domino® applications from their mobile devices right out of the box. With offline replication and touch optimization. Read more >>

HCL SafeLinx: Enable Secure Access From Mobile Computing Devices For Business Applications And Data. Read more >>

HCL Sametime: Instant messaging and online communication with audio, video, and data sharing. Secure Conversations Across Any Device. Read more >> There´s also a video on YouTube “Sametime V11 – A closer look

HCL Verse: Business email that understands the way you work. Easy-to-use, mobile and browser-based email and calendar solution — with enterprise-grade security and manageability. Read more >>