5 Myths about Domino You Need to Stop Believing Right Now

A great story told by Matt Engstrom about 5 wrong statements about HCL Domino:

Myth 1 – Domino apps don’t work on mobile devices

Myth 2 – A Notes client is required to access my apps

Myth 3 – Specialized skills are required to build Domino apps

Myth 4 – My data cannot be integrated in external systems

Myth 5 – Domino apps are ugly

Read the whole story here: https://bit.ly/2MvfDhN

HCL Domino Volt – Exporting a numeric slider to Excel does not contain the values

I created a small app with HCL Domino Volt to get some informations from my colleagues in about 10 minutes. Very fast and intuitive to handle !!! In this app I added a numeric slider and figured out following problem:

if you export the data e.g. to Excel the values from the field of the numeric slider are not exported !!

After opening a case at HCL I received the information that the problem has to do with the Locale Settings ( in my case German ), has been filed and will be fixed.

Thanks a lot to the HCL support ! Christopher Dawes was working very fast to deliver the information !!

HCL Notes Traveler 11.0.1 FP1 available

Yesterday HCL released the FP1 for the Notes Traveler 11.0.1 including the following new features:

Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2019

Traveler 11.0.1 Fix Pack 1 has been validated with Microsoft SQL Server 2019 as the Traveler server database when running in high availability mode.

Changes in calendar notice routing

A side effect of the server support for Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) 16.1 is that meeting notices from the Apple calendar application on these devices are sent using the Traveler server’s mail.box. Routing failures can occur if the Traveler server is not configured to route mail to and from the mail servers. Meeting notices from the HCL Verse client on Apple devices are not impacted as these notices are still routed via the mail server mail.box. In configurations where customer wants to avoid routing these notices though the Traveler server then in this fixpack there is a new notes.ini setting NTS_AS_SEND_NOTICES_FROM_MAIL_SERVER that can be used to route the notices via the user’s mail server mail.box. Note that this setting does not apply to notices sent from HCL Verse mobile clients. For more information, see the updated knowledge article Traveler 11 Calendar Notice Routing Considerations for Apple iOS and iPadOS Devices.

Also some fixes are included in this FP1:

Traveler warning Unexpected tag in Options: Class
Exchange ActiveSync 14.0 moved the Class XML element for GetItemEstimate commands from being a child of Collection to a child of Options which is a child of Collection. Traveler was not looking for Class as a child of Options and was logging a warning indicating an unknown child of Options was detected on the GetItemEstimate request. Traveler now expects Class to be a child of Options and no longer logs an incorrect warning. Traveler does not use the Class value, so there is no functional change – only no longer incorrectly logging the warning.

Display name of groups with / on their names
Display names for email addresses have been compacted by Traveler to the content before the first forward slash to save user interface space on the devices. However, some customers have asked that the full display name be used, so new notes.ini’s have been added to give customers more display name options.
NTS_ADDRESSCACHE_ENCODING_DISPLAY_NAME_COMPACT controls the display name for addresses that are not internet addresses and need to be encoded as described in “Address encoding for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync devices” of the Traveler documentation. The default is true which means the display name is the content up to the first forward slash.
NTS_ADDRESSCACHE_DISPLAY_NAME_COMPACT controls the display name for all other (not encoded) addresses. The default is true which means the display name is the content up to the first forward slash.

Provide an option to avoid routing meeting notices via the Traveler server’s mail.box when making changes from the Apple iOS or iPadOS Calendar application
Invitations and other meeting notices will be routed via the Traveler server’s mail.box when the meeting chair creates or updates the meeting from an Apple iOS or iPadOS Calendar application on a device syncing with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync 16.0 or 16.1. This is the default behavior for HCL Traveler version 11.0 and later (note that there was no change in meeting notice routing from HCL Verse mobile clients). Failure to have routing and connection documents configured on the HCL Traveler server to/from the mail servers can prevent meeting notices from being received by the chair and/or invitees of the meeting.  To avoid routing these notices through the HCL Traveler server, the notes.ini setting NTS_AS_SEND_NOTICES_FROM_MAIL_SERVER can be set to True to route the notices via the user’s mail server mail.box. Product documentation will be updated with this new setting. For more details on the issue, see the updated knowledge article Traveler 11 Calendar Notice Routing Considerations for Apple iOS and iPadOS Devices.

You can check further informations here: https://bit.ly/2Xr7bGA

HCL EoM Withdrawals by June 30th

Effective on June 30, 2020, HCL will withdraw from marketing the select product versions of AppScan, BigFix, Commerce, Connections, Digital Experience, Domino, Sametime, and Unica as outlined in this announcement. Withdrawing selected product version from marketing means that HCL will not actively sell or market the specific versions of the products included in the announcement. Current product versions (column 2 in table below) remain available for purchase and all customers are encouraged to transition to these versions. Customers with pre-installed versions will continue to receive program support and updates in accordance with the applicable agreement. Current customers will also be able to acquire additional licenses of the product and deploy any supported version to their users.

You can find the complete listing of software here: https://bit.ly/3dfll2W


HCL Sametime V11.5 is coming !!!

HCL is holding an event for the official launch of HCL Sametime V11.5 where you can see the latest development of a great team.

With the latest version, Sametime makes it easy for teams to be agile, meet business challenges, and build strong relationships. Come hear about the latest version’s rock-solid data privacy, new integrated meetings — with just one click — and other improvements that make it faster, more modern, and with lower TCO than ever.

Registration is already open: https://bit.ly/2ZKo8gt


SECURITY Alert! Beware of Malware Site Offering Lotus Notes Uninstall Instructions

If you use a search engine such as Google or Yahoo to search for “Notes uninstall”, a link to the URL “www.uninstallhelps.com” will show up in the top 2 or 3 results (this is as of May 21, 2020). The site claims to offer an “effective solution to completely uninstall” IBM Lotus 8.5.2.   Upon clicking the link, you will be taken to a legitimate-looking page offering several methods for uninstalling the software. Do not click on any of the download links; doing so will initiate the download of Trojan Horse malware onto your computer.

HCL is providing this information to you in the hope it will be helpful and to inform you of the risk identified above.

Further information can be found here: https://bit.ly/2yEXxGJ

Instead of using any of the so called “repair or uninstall tools” I suggest you to use NICE. Feel free to download this great tool here: https://bit.ly/2ZM3sVr

HCL offers a Domino Volt Webinar

On Wednesday, May 27th, HCL invites you to a webinar about the new Low-Code Development Tool “HCL Domino Volt“.

With HCL Domino Volt you´re able to build low code apps for runnig workflows, gathering data, …  within a very short time ! And all those without any programming skills.

Feel free and register for this webinar here.