HCL Connections 7.0 available

Today HCL released the new release of – my own opinion – the most customizable and best Collaboration Solution. By now HCL Connections 7.0 is available only in English but the translated version will be available in January 2021.

A short overview about the features available with HCL Connections 7:

  • Easier and faster installation
  • Usage of Community Templates
  • Integration of O365 for round-trip editing documents
  • Export of HCL Connections pages to PDF

There are a lot of extremely helpful and great enhancements in this release – please take a look at the complete list of new features on the official announcement: https://bit.ly/39JC9Am

If you missed the announcement of HCL Connections 7 during the HCL Digital Week take a look at the recorded presentation:

HCL Digital Solutions Sandbox

HCL is offering the possibility to test multiple Collaboration Solutions with one account.
You just have to register and afterwards it´s possible for you to check the amazing capabilities of

HCL Domino Volt including sample apps and HCL Sametime Premium

for free !

HCL Domino Volt is a low-code solution that makes it fast and easy to develop powerful, secure, and enterprise-grade workflow-based applications. While it runs on Domino, you don’t need any specialized Domino or IT skills. You get all the benefits of the proven Domino platform with built-in scalability, reliability, and security.

HCL Sametime is what organizations all over the world, including government entities and regulated industries use to ensure their most important communications are secure. It’s a proven and trusted video meetings and persistent chat platform, rebuilt for how today’s modern organizations need to be working — nimbly, securely, and remotely — all while reducing operational costs.

So don´t miss this opportunity and get your free account HERE !

Verse App on Android is not “respecting” security settings from the server

Today I had a call with a customer who complained that after an upgrade of the Verse App the user was forced either to enter a 8-pin password or a 6 character alphanumeric password.

The weird issue was that we forced the user only to have a 6 digit numeric password set on the device in the settings of the HCL Traveler server.

After opening a case at HCL we received the information that Google required changes to the Device administration for Android 10 and above devices.

There´s also an entry in the HCL Knowledge Base describing the complete issue.

Advanced Configuration of Meeting Invitations

Yesterday I had an issue at customer site:


The customer is using Microsoft Teams with their official domain “example.com“. This domain is also used as primary domain in the Global Domain document on their Domino Server. The customer has an optional internet domain “example.at“.

Now we have the following issue: if a user is creating a MS Teams meeting ( with the primary Internet Address “FirstName.LastName@example.com” ) and is adding “FirstName.LastName@example.at” – which is listed in the person document in the User Name – then we see the following entries in the server console:

[188C:000A-248C] 19.11.2020 09:55:31 SMTP Server: connected
[188C:000A-248C] 19.11.2020 09:55:31 SMTP Server: Message 0031075F (MessageID: DB7PR06MB5546D37AD5A81C7D19702D1396E00@DB7PR06MB5546.eurprd06.prod.outlook.com) received from size 23979 bytes
[1BB8:000E-1EA4] 19.11.2020 09:55:32 Router: Message 0031075F, D3F3D117 delivered to FirstName LastName/example from FirstName.LastName@example.com Size: 34K Time: 00:00:00 Hop Count: 1
[188C:000A-248C] 19.11.2020 09:55:36 SMTP Server: disconnected. 1 message[s] received

But when we try to find this document in the mail file of the user we could not find the received document. Also we couldn’t see this incoming document as calendar entry or as meeting invitation.


After opening a case at HCL we received the solution for this issue very fast ( thanks a lot to the HCL support !! ). You have to put the following entry to the NOTES.INI of the Domino Server and afterwards restart the server:


Then the meeting invitation is delivered and shown in the in box.
There´s also an official TechNote: https://bit.ly/36NTXHg

HCL Digital Week 2020 Replay´s

Today HCL released the recaps from the HCL Digital Week. You can access the PDF with all available replays here:

Link to the summary

HCL also is offering multiple ways for finding additional informations about different HCL Collaboration Solutions:

HCL Digital Week – Recap Day 3 / Part 1

HCL Digital Week – Day 3 – Wednesday and the first day of the HCL Factory Tour. But what can we expect from today’s sessions after the really great announcements from the last 2 days ?

Well, in the keynote – held by Richard Jefts and Chris Healey- we could see how HCL re-engineered their development guidelines for a successful future. And the steps HCL did are very straight forward.

During this Opening Session we could see the 4 most important parts of “Establishing the new culture” for a great performance developing new solutions.

During explaining the single steps Richard mentioned the HCL Client Advocacy Program. HCL is inviting all customers to participate in this program – you only can win !! It´s free and you can create strategic relationship with multiple teams of HCL where your requests are heared.

In the next session Martin Lechleider presented the possibilities with HCL Domino Volt – really impressive what you can do with this Low-Code solution.

Afterwards the sessions splitted and I decided to participate in the session of Barry Rosen where the Roadmap of HCL Domino, HCL Designer and also HCL Notes V12 have been presented. And there are a lot of enhancements planned for the future – I’ll only mention some of them:

  • Improved security ( Usage of Let´s Encrypt, 2FA for Web applications )
  • A simple backup client for Domino databases included
  • Improvements for running HCL Domino in a Docker container
  • Enhancements for administering HCL Domino Volt
  • Sync of AD passwords into the ID Vault
  • “Alternate From” > selection of the mail address used for sending mails

    So there are a lot of really helpful and long requested features !

The next session I attended was the Roadmap for the newly announced HCL Volt MX – the new Development Platform. The most important statement was in the very beginning of this session:

Select the tool you need to use

This means that you should not mix up HCL Volt MX with HCL Domino Volt because of the completely different approaches:

Based on the current Roadmap for HCL Domino Volt we can expect very great enhancements for this very new Development Platform.

Next overview was given by Martin Lechleider regarding the ongoing development of HCL Domino Volt. Also this very young Low-Code tool is going to receive a lot of enhancements like

  • Corporate Themes
  • Name picker element
  • Application history
  • Mapping of internet mail address to roles and notifications

The roadmap is announcing a new release containing the above mentioned extensions in December 2020 and the next one including “View Pages”, “Data Grid” and enhancements in the possibilities for Navigation in March 2021.

Simultaneously with Domino V12 there will be additional add-ons for managing workflows inside HCL Domino Volt with all required parts you need like

  • Graphical Workflow Design
  • Reminder and due dates
  • Views for “My requests” and “Requests I need to approve”
  • Approval log

If you want to try HCL Domino Volt feel free and register for your free account: https://www.hcltechsw.com/domino/try-domino

The last session I attented today was the Innovation Cafe for “TOTP 2FA & other Early Access features” hosted by Thomas Hampel.

The great enhancement of the HCL Domino Early Access Program is that all customers with a valid license are valid to participate and can test the new product features. The so called “Code Drops” are deliverd via FlexNet in intervals from 4 to 6 weeks. By now all Code Drops are Docker Containers.

Of course there will be a traditional beta program ( which will start soon for HCL Domino V12 ). For a better understanding see the following image how the development is ongoing:

By now for Domino V12 the following features have been delivered in Code Drops:
> Automated Certificate Management with Let´s Encrypt
>> Free of Charge SSL/TLS certificates
>> No need to create or manage KYR files ( THANK YOU !! )
> 2 Factor Authentication via TOTP
>> The 2FA is included in the Domino code by default
>> Available for accessing Domino by browser ( VoP, apps, .. )
> Domino Directory Template
>> Auto-Population Groups with custom criteria
>> Display Internet Address in Mail-In-DB view
>> Find groups a person is member of

Have a look to the complete overview of the already deliverd and soon coming Code Drop in December 2020:

So be part of the Early Adopters and get all your informations here.